Welcome to Tanta Royal Schools

where we provide outstanding academic and extracurricular education with a keen focus on character building .
We consider it an honor to develop critical thinkers that will grow up to be leaders and outstanding citizens for region , in Egypt and abroad .
We pride ourselves in being able to offer a high-quality education to a diverse community of students, representing both local Belgian families and families from the world over.

Our school is project-oriented, thus stimulating students to be curious, creative and responsible learners able.
to combine their own strengths and talents with those of a wide variety of other persons through constructive teamwork. Students are encouraged to develop their own learning preferences, to develop their talents and interests and to develop their personal identity.
We see it in our mission not only to prepare for a challenging and complex future, but to participate actively in construing it.
We at TRS are all excited to have laughter, cheers and smiles filling the school halls and look forward to welcoming you to our school of Royal family!

OUR vision

Our Vision
Our vision is to develop students who can apply knowledge , skills and principals to contribute to the global community.

Thus tanta royal schools focus on the individual learner and seek to foster boths personal and academic growths through relevant and forward- thinking learning experience .
International school in Brussels - Defreins
Our Mission
Our mission is to combine passionate ,technologically innovative student centered approaches to teaching and learning with shared community values to foster a love of inquiry and there a dedication to positive action around the world .
Our Philosophy
Tanta royal schools holds these values above all of these:
Respect : recognizing the importance of all the parts of community equally and valuing ,ourselves, others and our surroundings .
Integrity: possessing the qualities of honesty and fairness and applying those qualities to the learning community to improve it .
Collaboration :engaging members of the learning community to enhance motivation and the quality of learning .
Family : fostering a sense of safety and trust within learning the community .
Innovation : instilling knowledge and skills within the learning community that prepare students for their futures in a changing and increasingly digitalized world .

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A word from the principle

I wish you a very warm welcome to Tanta Royal Schools where a family atmosphere meets educational excellence.
Here at TRS, we pride ourselves in practising what we preach and in helping develop passionate, well-rounded and happy students who can support positive action around the world. Therefore, these aren’t just words gathering dust in policies or on webpages; instead, they are demonstrable qualities that our staff and students showcase on a daily basis.
I believe that indeed it does take a village to raise a child and it certainly takes a village to help a child to reach self-actualisation and their goals in life.

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